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Lorde is interviewed @ The Edge NZ

Lorde is interviewed by George FM.

Listen to Lorde giving an interview today (20/08/2014) at The Edge NZ.

Will be posting interview shortly!!!

Lorde will be on TheEdgeNZ to talk about the NZ TOUR!!!She’ll be there at 7am to talk about it.

tayyylorde asked:
In Ribs, do you say "reeling through the moonlit streets" or "midnight streets" ? Your album book says moonlit but it totally 100% sounds like midnight


ugh that is a mistake in the booklet! i wrote out all of the lyrics for the booklet on my laptop, and copy-pasted some straight from the original word documents on my computer, and i guess in an original draft of the lyrics i had used moonlit and forgot to check it. bugs me to this day haha